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This set includes five books:


小雞逛超市 (Piyopiyo Supermarket)

Through the story and vivid pictures, let's get to know more food in a Japanese supermarket. 


Keywords: food 


小雞逛遊樂園 (Piyopiyo Mori No Yûenchi)

With bright and colourful pictures, follow the chicks to have fun in a animal's amusement park!


Keywords: amusment park, theme park 


小雞過生日 (Piyopiyo Happy Birthday)

It's chicks' birthday! Let's go to a patisserie shop and a toy shop to prepare for the birthday party.


Keywords: dessert, toys, birthday


小雞過耶誕節 (Piyopiyo Merry Christmas)

Highly recommend to the parents who speak Mandarin. Parents has lots things to introduce to children from each page. The illustrator presents a vivid Christmas market to children and wishing them a lovely holiday!


Keywords: Christmas 


小雞去露營 (Piyopiyo Hajimeteno Camp)

Oh no! Chicks has a family camp trip but get lost in the forest. They then meet a family of Japanese mystery creatures and...  If you love the illustrator, Noriko Kudoh, don't miss this one of the Piyopiyo series. Let's enjoy the camping with the chicks.


Keywords: camp (露營)


Age: 0-8
Book Type: Hardcover


SKU: B0110
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