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This set includes four books:



Learn counting from 1 to 100 through these 100-floor house. What animals live there? Let's explore it and find out what they are doing.


Keywords: numbers, counting, animals, living



Fancy with the 100-floor house on the ground? This time, we are digging the 100-floor house underground. Do you know there are lots of animals live underground? What do they do? Let's dig to the deep deep deep geocenter.

Keywords: numbers, counting, animals, living



Another amazing book about the 100-floor house. It's not on the ground, neither underground. We are going to fly up to the clouds and explore the 100-floor house there. Let's see how rain, wind, snow, and rainbow work in the sky.

Keywords: numbers, counting, nature, living



100-floor house under the sea! While counting 1-100, children also learn the sea animals and get to know their lives. Who build this 100-floor house? Let' count to 100 on the last page and see the giant...


Keywords: numbers, counting, animals, living


Age: 3-8
Book Type: Hardcover


SKU: B0090
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