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Elementary (For 6-8 y/o)

Know how to give expression and enhance the conversational skill

Your children will...

  • able to say/understand Mandarin sentences related to the topic of nationality, place, action, sports, time, date, school, hobby, adjectives

  • have an interpretation of the Pinyin system

  • able to read and understand sentence patterns

  • able to answer questions about themselves

  • able to read/recognise the words of the teaching contents

  • know the basic strokes and stroke orders of Chinese characters


Crouch End

Wednesday, 4:10 pm - 5:20 pm

Coming Soon

Swiss Cottage

Thursday, 4:10 pm - 5:20 pm

2023 Autumn Term

£240 (12 sessions)

Swiss Cottage

Saturday, 10:00 am - 11:30 am

2023 Autumn Term

£300 (12 sessions)

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