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Activity (STEAM) (For all ages)

A language is a tool to achieving the future dream but not an academic subject.

Learning Mandarin through our Activity class, which includes CLIL Method (Content and Language Integrated Learning), STEAM and JMA Five Senses Learning Programme (which allows each child to use all their senses – sight, hearing, smell, kinaesthesia, tactility to understand and process the target language, Mandarin), children can learn through experiential learning to know more words than a regular language class, especially apply the words better if it relates to the filed they are interested in.

Click here to learn more about JMA Five Senses Learning Programme!



Showing students how the scientific method can be applied to language learning


Blended learning environment 


Enhance computational thinking and problem solving skills


Link between Language and Culture


Application of the subjects in a challenging and rigorous manner

Well done, Kids!

Don't hesitate to like the pictures to let them know they did well :)

Our activity class aims to inspire children’s curiosity about the world through various materials and enhance basic knowledge. Learn together and fun together. Let's see what they have done in past lessons.

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