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Fanyu Huang


A responsible teacher with excellent communication skills demonstrated with over 10 years of teaching experiences with a Certificate of Proficiency in Teaching Chinese as a Second/Foreign Language. Passion for education, especially second/foreign language acquisition. Obtained a MA in Language teaching in the UK and BA in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language in Taiwan. Personalised instructions for catering to the individual students’ need. 

Fanyu applies her unique Five Senses Learning Programme to make all students equip the most influential language nowadays, Mandarin, in an efficient way.


Michael Chui

Teaching and Marketing Manager

As our Teaching and Marketing Manager, Michael is our contact person with parents, and he is also a very passionate teacher. 


Michael integrates various activities such as games, group tasks and music with Mandarin in his class. Thus children can learn while playing with and engaging with fellow classmates, which makes the class lovable by the students and brewed a perfect learning atmosphere, it also encourages the students to communicate with each other using Mandarin.


Konica Chow

Teacher Assistant and Senior Marketing Executive

Konica is a digital marketer with more than 3 years in Hong Kong and now she is staying in London for her journey of working holiday and starting out as a teaching assistant to support our teachers and provide additional guidance to our students during the lesson.


Mimi Zhang


Mimi is an experienced Mandarin Teacher. With more than 10 years of teaching experience in various institutions including the Hasmonean High School, the CFBL and the London Peiying Chinese School, Mimi teaches students in various ages and level, while using the best approach fitting each student’s progress at the same time. 

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Sean Wang


Sean is a creative and passionate Mandarin teacher. he is an expert in teaching students of all different levels and backgrounds. As a teacher with artistic and performance background,


Sean uses a method of mixed activity including games, role playing and music to suit each group’s dynamics, and encourage interactions with and between students. Therefore students always find Sean’s lesson fun and enjoyable, while learning efficiently at the same time.


Grace Zhou


Grace is native Mandarin speaker born and raised in China. 

Graduated with an Education bachelor degree and a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education in the University College London (UCL). 

Grace have multiple years of classroom teaching experience and she have teaching experience in New Zealand and America, and the way of children education in those countries enhanced her teaching approach to become more activity based and fun-filled. Grace’s teaching philosophy is “From students’ need, to educate them from joyful experience“


Melody Chen


Melody studied in Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language as her undergraduate major in China.


At the fourth year she studied in Diploma in International Education in UK as an exchange student. After that, she went to University of York to study Master's degree in Education.


Melody obtained Certificate for Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages (CTSOL) issued by the Confucius institute. She has got experience as a teaching assistant in the Confucius classroom in Devonport High school for girls. Also got some experience in teaching Mandarin in Afterschool clubs and morning clubs at North Bridge House School and St Anthony's School as well as Mandarin private tuition.


Sapphire Wong


Sapphire is a multilingual linguist with more than 6 years of teaching experience in Hong Kong and the UK. Her students come from various age groups and linguistic backgrounds. Whether it is a group lesson or a 1-to-1 session, she is able to cater each student’s needs as well as induce their learning interests.

Along with her Bachelor degree in Linguistics and Master degree in Translation, Sapphire has proven records of improving students’ communication effectiveness in the target language. Students find her lessons engaging, interactive and immersive, which are the keys to effective language learning.

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